Bright Montana Home

A Moose Hollow Novel, Book 2

With her fiancé gone, Avery is determined to make his Montana dreams her own. But will it be enough to silence the guilt that haunts her?

Liam never wanted to come back to Moose Hollow. But now even Montana may not be far enough away from the trouble that's following him.

The store Avery Maier purchased is more than a disaster, it's dangerous. When Liam Gunnerson offers to untangle its finances, she has to accept. He's everything that Avery is not, and he keeps digging into the dark corners of her life. So why does she turn to him again and again? And what right does she have to hope if her future was set in stone the night she lost her fiancé?

Getting fired from his dream job was bad enough, but for Liam hiding is worse. Moose Hollow is full of faces from a past he wants to leave behind, and the future he worked so hard for is slipping away. Helping Avery seems like a simple diversion, but he has secrets to keep. Could just being near her make him a greater danger to Avery than the mess she's already in?

Bright Montana Home is a story of romance, intrigue, and hiding places where faith and forgiveness are the only way to find shelter.

A Bit About Cynthia

Cynthia grew up in Colorado, lived in Arizona, and was born somewhere east of there. Then she married a Montanan and that was the end of that. She earned a couple degrees and pursued a few careers, but found God’s best job for her when she became a wife and mom. Now her kids are grown-up enough to write their own stories, and so is she. She writes contemporary romance that is built on a foundation of faith. She says she isn't afraid to tackle messy stories, because after all, we're all a hot mess in need of perfect grace.

“The consolation of fairy-stories, the joy of the happy ending; or more correctly of the good catastrophe, the sudden joyous “turn” (for there is no true end to any fairy-tale): this joy, which is one of the things which fairy-stories can produce supremely well, is not essentially “escapist,” nor “fugitive.” In its fairy-tale–or otherworld–setting, it is a sudden and miraculous grace: never to be counted on to recur. It does not deny the existence of dyscatastrophe, of sorrow and failure: the possibility of these is necessary to the joy of deliverance; it denies (in the face of much evidence, if you will) universal final defeat and in so far is evangelium, giving a fleeting glimpse of Joy, Joy beyond the walls of the world, poignant as grief.”

J. R. R. Tolkien


Meg's Best Man
A Montana Weekend Novella

Meg's plans to spend the weekend with family and a good book fly out the camper window when she has to step in as a backup bridesmaid at her cousin's wedding.

Meg Park's happy to be on the bride's team, but groomsman Gage seems to think she needs him as her constant companion. He's tall, funny, and has a knack for breaking things. Worse, he's Texan. But Meg's sure Gage is hiding something. He doesn't open up, even after he stumbles upon her own secret.

Meg needs to to fess up. And she needs to find out the truth about Gage, so one of the things Gage breaks isn't her heart.

Meg's Best Man is book one in the Montana Weekend Novella series. If you love clean, inspirational romance, buy it now to start reading.

Warm Montana Home
A Moose Hollow Novel, Book 1

Jen's Keeper

A Montana Weekend Novella

Being a fishing guide on Montana's Bighorn River is a dream job, but peace isn't flowing like a river in Jen Olson's life. Working for her parents has taken over her own plans and dreams. To make matters worse, Jen has to guide a reporter for the weekend, and she suspects Zeke Smith has come to smear, not cheer.


It isn't long before things come crashing down in the most unflattering way for her, and her parents' business. But even trips to familiar places can be life-changing if you can see those places with new eyes. Jen's about to see the river in a whole new way—and maybe even snag herself a keeper. This inspirational romance includes book club questions.

Jens Keeper_1.jpg

Stories of Storms and Grace

The storms of life will come. They will shape us but they will not define us; they will test us but they will not destroy us. For we have the promise of Living Water: life-giving, sustaining, cleansing, refreshing. And grace—sometimes trickling like a stream, sometimes flowing like a fountain—will come just as surely.

(Contains eight stories)

Mountain Duet

Mystery and Romance in the Rocky Mountains

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle up for a duet of short stories, one a mystery and one a romance, both set in the Rocky Mountains.

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Nic's Suite Santa
A Montana Weekend Novella

Nic found the perfect place to be this Christmas, but she didn’t plan to spend it with the best boyfriend she ever lost.

When Nic Benedict is asked to help with childcare at the Vang family reunion, she jumps at the chance. Suddenly jobless and homeless, she thinks a weekend at a hot-spring resort is just what she needs. Until she learns that the other babysitter is Mark Vang, the man who broke up with her last Christmas Eve.

Mark seems maddeningly happy to share a suite with her at the overbooked Montana hotel, and despite herself, Nic starts to feel the same way.


Her new rental comes with a family in turmoil, a ranch on the brink of bankruptcy, and a cowboy landlord she can't figure out. So why is Poppy drawn to Colton and his Montana home?

Coldly dismissed from her relationship and her home in Arizona, Poppy Marsh leaves her past behind and finds a remote ranch house for rent. All she wants to do is finish her thesis and pull the pieces of her broken life back together.

After Colton Gunnerson's search for rodeo fame crashes to the ground, saving his family ranch is the only future he has left. If he fails, he could lose more than his home and his family. He could lose the only woman he's ever cared for.

When a terrible accident entangles them both in a web of family ties and dark secrets, will Colton and Poppy find the faith they need and the love they never thought they'd find?

If you love stories about broken people finding redeeming grace, you'll love the Moose Hollow series. Start with Book 1, Warm Montana Home, today.

Available in audiobook, ebook, paperback, and large print paperback editions.

Sky's Fireworks
A Montana Weekend Novella

Sky has one more chance to make happily-ever-after happen with the guy she's loved for years. The problem is, she just met the perfect man.


Since she was a child Sky Fischer has known she’s destined to marry her next door neighbor Kevin, but he hasn’t realized it—yet. This Fourth of July, Kevin’s back in town and Sky’s found a brilliant way to get his attention. She’s brought coworker Boone along to act as her boyfriend. But Kevin is distracted, her brothers are determined to chase away her suitors, and worst of all, Boone might be a little too perfect for his role. What if the future she’s been planning isn’t the right one?

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