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Safe Montana Home

Her new rental comes with a family in turmoil, a ranch on the brink of bankruptcy, and a cowboy landlord she can't figure out. So why is Poppy drawn to Colton and his Montana home?

Coldly dismissed from her relationship and her home in Arizona, Poppy Marsh leaves her past behind and finds a remote ranch house for rent. All she wants to do is finish her thesis and pull the pieces of her broken life back together.

After Colton Gunnerson's search for rodeo fame crashes to the ground, saving his family ranch is the only future he has left. If he fails, he could lose more than his home and his family. He could lose the only woman he's ever cared for.

When a terrible accident entangles them both in a web of family ties and dark secrets, will Colton and Poppy find the faith they need and the love they never thought they'd find?

If you love stories about broken people finding redeeming grace, you'll love the Moose Hollow series. Start with Book 1, Warm Montana Home, today.

Available in ebook, audiobook, and paperback.

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