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Short Stories and Compilations


Ashton has blown it, and it's going to take a complete overhaul to convince his ex he's worth another chance. A fun and sweet romance with characters from Sky's Fireworks. This ebook story is available for FREE when you sign up for Cynthia Bruner's email list. Don't worry, there's no spam--just book news, great deals, and happy endings!


Mystery and Romance in the Rocky Mountains

Grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and snuggle up for a duet of short stories, one a mystery and one a romance, both set in the Rocky Mountains.


Stories of Storms and Grace

The storms of life will come. They will shape us but they will not define us; they will test us but they will not destroy us. For we have the promise of Living Water.


Coming Soon

More stories are coming soon. Sign up for Cynthia's email list (see Ashton's Overhaul above) to get news first!

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