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Nic found the perfect place to be this Christmas, but she didn’t plan to spend it with the best boyfriend she ever lost.

When Nic Benedict is asked to help with childcare at the Vang family reunion, she jumps at the chance. Suddenly jobless and homeless, she thinks a weekend at a hot-spring resort is just what she needs. Until she learns that the other babysitter is Mark Vang, the man who broke up with her last Christmas Eve.

Mark seems maddeningly happy to share a suite with her at the overbooked Montana hotel, and despite herself, Nic starts to feel the same way.

But Mark isn’t Nic’s only problem. Unless she can find a way to let go of the past, she can’t move forward. Can Nic give voice to her dreams this Christmas and discover that she’s already received the best gift she never dreamed of?

Spend a faith-filled Christmas in Montana with Nic’s Suite Santa!

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