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When Meg Park has to step in as a backup bridesmaid at her cousin's wedding, her plans to spend the weekend with family and a good book fly out the camper window.

Meg's happy to be on the bride's team, but she didn't realize Gage, the best man, would think he needs to be her constant companion. He's tall, funny, and has a knack for breaking things. Worse, he's a Texan. Meg's decides Gage is hiding something. And when he stumbles upon her own secret, she's got her hands full.

Meg needs to be honest with her family. And she needs to find out the truth about Gage, or one of the things Gage breaks might be her heart.

Available in ebook, paperback, and large print paperback. Meg's Best Man is book one of A Montana Weekend Novella series and is a standalone story. If you love romance with a dash of faith and a splash of summer fun, buy Meg's Best Man today!

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