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Jen navigates the river with the best of them. But when it comes to her own dreams, she's been turning circles in the backwater. The last thing she expects is to snag a keeper!

Working for her parents' river guide company has overwhelmed Jen Olson's dreams. But with the company on the rocks she can't imagine leaving, especially now that reporter Zeke Smith has arrived. He has the power to make or break their business with one flick of his pen, and Jen is in charge of making him happy. It isn't long before things come crashing down and Jen has to decide where her heart belongs--and if there's room in her boat for someone new.

Come spend a romantic weekend on Montana's Bighorn River! Available in ebook, paperback, and large print paperback, Jen's Keeper is book 2 in the Montana Weekend Novella series and is a standalone story. If you love your romance with a dash of faith and a smidge of family drama, buy Sky's Fireworks today!

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