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Bright Montana Home

When her fiancé dies, Avery devotes her life to fulfill their Montana dreams on her own. But will it be enough to silence the guilt that haunts her?

Liam never wanted to come back to Moose Hollow. But now even Montana may not be far enough away from the trouble he’s trying to leave behind.

The business Avery Maier purchased is more than a disaster, it’s dangerous. When Liam Gunnerson offers to untangle its finances, she has to accept. He’s everything that Avery is not, and he keeps digging into the dark corners of her life. So why does she turn to him again and again? And what right does she have to hope if her future was set in stone the night her fiancé died?

Getting fired from his dream job was bad enough, but for Liam laying low is worse. Moose Hollow is full of faces from a past he’d been happy to leave behind. But now Liam has time on his hands and secrets to keep. Helping Avery seems like a simple diversion, but could just being near her make him a greater danger to Avery than the mess she's already in?

Bright Montana Home is a story of romance, intrigue, and hiding places where faith and forgiveness are the only way to find shelter.

Bright Montana Home is Book 2 in the Moose Hollow series. This book works as a standalone but contains a few spoilers. To learn more about book 1, Warm Montana Home, click here.

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